According to the principle of action tribological compounds Atomium  are not so called additives or excipients to the oils and lubricants, as they do not only improve the performance. Atomium additives interact with the metal surfaces directly on the zones of contact (friction surfaces) in motor parts and mechanisms.

Atomium tribological compositions help system of friction pair enter a new level of energy balance. Atomium works as a catalyst or initiator of adaptation processes of the system  friction pair + lubricant.

Auto chemical goods Atomiumcontribute to the formation of a new structure of the friction surfaces based on the metal crystal lattice. In the process of unit operation in the presence of Atomium there is a sequential gradual build-up of layers at the atomic level. That's why Atomium technology can be called nanotechnology.

Features of the formed structure (thickness, porosity, microhardness, oil-retaining capacity) are determined by the working conditions of the friction unit. 
By appearance the layer provides an ideal gray-mirror surface. In fact this is a super-microporous structure of increased strength and, most importantly, increased oil-retaining ability, which, in fact, provides a unique set of properties of node, unit and the internal combustion engine.

ATOMIUM Lubricants:

  • Provide an effect of restoring of the friction surfaces (the formation of the protective layer of 15 microns thickness) and the effect of geometry optimizing of the friction surfaces.
  • The protective layers provide high oil-retaining ability - the protective layer keeps the oil on the surface much stronger than the usual surface that shifts the friction mode to semifluid friction or hydrodynamic friction (work oil wedge).
  • Provide an aftereffect - the ability to maintain friction parameters even after the oil change as the protective layer is not completely worn out. The rate of layer wear at the absence of ATOMIUM ™ in the node is 1.5 - 3 times lower than the wear rate of the parent metal (depending on the mode of node assembly, abrasive and corrosion wear).
  • Chemically neutral to all substances included in the package of additives and lubricants that ensures the safety of use in all units and mechanisms (in compliance with instructions for use).

The specific value of the effect depends primarily on the initial state. If the engine has a significant degree of the wear, if the quality of motor oils and fuels has not always been high, but the engine is still "alive" - there is no catastrophic oil consumption, crankcase pressure is not very large and compression in the cylinders is above 60% of the nominal value for petrol engine and up to 70% for diesel engine, the Atomium effect will be significant. It will be seen without any special equipment.